Sugata Mitra on “The Child Driven Education”

This is soooo cooool!



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One thought on “Sugata Mitra on “The Child Driven Education”

  1. devymon says:

    Megan thanks for sharing this video!

    After watching it, I have those two statements Sugata Mitra’s colleague said: 1) A teacher that can be replaced by a machine, should be and 2) if children have interests then education happens.

    With technology advancing, sometimes it’s hard to imagine how great of of teachers we’ll have to be in order to not be outdone by technology. It’s a matter of being able to work WITH it, and use it as a en effective tool in the classroom.

    The second statement is what I truly hope I can achieve in my future classroom. I want to be able to get my kids interested in the subject matter. Most of my peers and other I have spoke with give me the same reaction when I tell them I want to be an English teacher…

    “UGH. English was my least favorite subject in high school.”

    I always just hold my head up high and say, “and that’s exactly why I want to teach it. I want to get kids excited about English. I know I can be that teacher who makes students want to come to class and enjoy their time there.”

    🙂 Anyway, thanks for the great video, Megan!

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