No wonder I never remember what my professor teaches me!

Alright so I was reading from:

Research-Based Strategies to Ignite Student Learning: Insights from a Neurologist and Classroom Teacher by Judy Willis M.D.

..whoa didn’t mean to have the title look like that, but anyway this is a book for my EDUC 340 class.

What I found today while reading was interesting…(oh and I may have forgotten my book, so these aren’t direct quotes. It’s a little bit of paraphrasing only not exactly because I won’t be listing any page numbers for you…so this might actually be like plagiarism…uh oh. Shit. Well sue me CSU. Or Dr. Judy or whatever).


OK. Let’s get this started. Basically I read that teachers need to teach using multiple strategies with their students because then different parts of the student’s brain retain the information that is being presented to them. Then the brain is able to recall information because it was stored in multiple parts of the mind because of the multiple teaching strategies that were used by the teacher. That sounded pretty redundant, but now you get it.

I was sitting around thinking about this and it occurred to me that a lot of my professors have the same teaching technique: Stand in front of the classroom, lecturing to us, with little to no interaction from the students. We just sit there trying to absorb the information that is coming from the lecture by taking the best possible notes we can come up with.

AND THEN I THOUGHT…. holy crap. This is like the worst teaching strategy for my type of learning. I don’t retain the information. I’m not picking up what they’re laying down. The knowledge flows in one ear and out the other..and when the test comes, I’m frustrated because my mind refuses to recall the information my notes should have given me. The information the lecture should have given me.

But how can we change this? College professors pretty much do whatever the fuck they want because they’re getting a college paycheck and they expect students to perform at the college level regardless of their teaching strategy. There needs to be more professors that understand there are other ways to teach! It’s probably because they’re *ahem* from an older generation that grew up with this teaching technique of “teacher in charge, teacher lectures and students listen.” I can’t learn this way. I want to remember what I learn :/

I guess we future teachers of secondary education have the power to change that learning environment because we’re being taught other ways of teaching unlike our oldie profs. Ahh c’est la vie to the endeavor of changing our CSU professors teaching strats.

-Devyn Curley


One thought on “No wonder I never remember what my professor teaches me!

  1. alasamy says:

    Thank you for sharing your frustration about trying to learn in a teacher-lectures-while-students-take-notes classroom setting. What is more frustrating that just that, I think, is when the information recorded isn’t talked about again until just before the test. I can’t wait to have the power to influence students by mixing things up a bit for them! Well-written blog post!


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