Reflections are always good things to do when done with a project, paper, discussion, eating a ham sandwich… really anything at all. So here is a reflection on Matt and my discussion about the importance of paper:

            I feel the discussion went really well! Many students in the class participated and appeared to have a lot of opinions on the importance of paper. I loved seeing people relate this idea back to education and thinking about how they as educators would use paper (and technology) in their future classrooms. I also loved seeing the differing ideas on how different people would rather use more paper and others would rather use more technology, and some a combination of both, in their own classrooms!

            Several of the activities, such as journaling on the computer, hand writing a formal letter, and using a class doc for group work, helped students to ‘experience’ their opinions. In other words, it was cool to see their interaction with language in different medias and then, in turn, engage in a discussion about that.

            One thing I thought could be improved in the discussion is the overall importance of why this topic is important in our own writing and to education. The class had some really great participation in sharing their ideas and opinions about paper vs. screen, but I don’t feel that we as a class had a great, deeper discussion of why it matters. I would have loved to go a littler deeper and have students contemplate why they felt the way they did about paper. Also, it would have been helpful to have the discussion go deeper into the significance of paper vs. screen for our own writing. How does hand writing things impact voice or style? Does writing online inhibit the message of a work? Does reading other people’s work online discredit it? Does it make it less interesting? Does it become just another blab on the doodly-doo? Do papers get lost and crinkled and are destined for a life in a landfill?

            Maybe in future classes we can discuss (along with the reading of Kress) how print reading and paper reading impact us as authors. Hint-hint Dr. Garcia 🙂

            Overall, I thought the discussion went well and I loved the engagement in the several activities that Matt and I facilitated. However, if I were to do it again, I would create discussion questions that push students into deeper thought and deeper conversation. 


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