The Strike Continues

The teacher strike in Chicago continues for a few more days.  They are fighting for many great things that will not only improve their lives, but the lives of their students.  They are fighting for a pay raise of three percent the first year and then two percent for the second and third year.  They are also to have their evaluation to be 70 percent teacher practice and 30 percent on how the children perform.  But the most important thing that they are fighting for is to have textbooks available for the students on the first day of school, instead of six months from then.  But the most intriguing part of this article are the comments that were left by others; with such gems such as this:


“TEACHERS are trampled ,abused, unappreciated  every DAY by parents, students, administration! With the current working conditions and attitudes, why would ANYONE want to deal with the savages? LET THEM STAY IGNORANT! pregnant and ignorant:the road map to poverty! In a few years the parents will have to deal with the gems from their family jewels and fruit of their loins themselves since there will be no teachers!! See what a wonderful impoverished society we have then!!!  IF it’s SO easy— why don’t YOU become a teacher? because YOU lack the education?skills?patience? can’t pass a state required Praxis test??? LOL! Just a teacher???a retired one!!”

or this one:

“You mean you can’t teach kids everything they need to know in just 5 hours a day? Which probably includes time for lunch and for the younger kids recess. I would love that great of a part-time job. Silly me for trying to finish my Teaching degree with the thoughts of going to schools and educating the kids. Guess 20 years in the military working for a living ruined me on the concept of getting big money to do nothing…maybe I should choose a degree where I will work and not just help the kids.”


But this makes me wonder if everyone is being a little harsh on the teachers.  They are trying to fight to better their own lives and also others around them.  Yes they want a little more pay, which isn’t too selfish.  I mean, I would love to get paid a decent amount for my services. There are not many that like to do things for free.  But, what I find admirable about their fight is to better the learning environment for the children.  To not have textbooks on the first day of school is a shame.  It must take some creativity and ingenuity on the part of the teacher to teach the children what they need to know without the information right there in front of them.  They are fighting for a reason and just for money.  I do feel that they should have not abandoned the children to do so.


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