Getting Schooled in Fashion

Growing up overseas has definitely made me appreciate the simple things that most American’s consider norms, for example, the festive holiday of Halloween. No one really celebrated Halloween in Vietnam, and so my dad would go to our neighbors with candy, and then we would walk around in random costumes (I was always a Spice Girl) and get the candy from our neighbors who couldn’t speak any English. It was always fun, but I longed for the chance to celebrate a real Halloween in America… (Not the “slutty” version, Mr. Garcia). It turns out you look pretty stupid trick-or-treating as a college student… who knew? That doesn’t stop me from dressing up!

In addition to dressing up, another thing that I love from the US are the yellow school buses. When I was younger I had this tape called, “My Little Yellow Bus” and I knew all of the lyrics, “Join in the magic, join in the song, Hop on board to my little yellow bus, Come on…”  I have never actually ridden in a yellow school bus, but I was always jealous of those who did! So how do school buses and Halloween come together? Yep, you guessed it… The Magic School Bus book series!

I love these books. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Ms. Frizzle is the subconscious reason that I want to be a teacher. Now that I’m ‘up there in years,’ The Magic School Bus has honked its horn and rolled off my bookshelf. But, a recent hop onto the ferry of nostalgia had me reflecting upon the series, and I found a whole new reason to appreciate those old-school books: Ms. Frizzle’s stupendous style.


Wow. How could I have forgotten those frocks festooned with zany patterns and complemented with humorously coordinating accessories? Not only do Ms. Frizzle’s outfits look good, but they exude a personality sparkling with fearless individuality and a good sense of humor. All this combined, and I’m ready to write my recently realized, ideal style icon a fan letter. It would read “Ms. Frizzle, I love you and your books all over again. You’re awesome. (And, can I please have your hand-me-downs?)”

Clearly, we are all obsessed with Mr. Garcia’s ties, but I really think that there is something to having a look as a teacher that can inspire our students, or make them excited to come to class again,( at least to discover what tie he will be wearing next!)

Besides her great style, I learned values and life skills from Miss Frizzle. She taught me that it was okay to be an individual. She taught me that everybody has something unique to contribute to the world. She taught me that there are many different ways to learn things. But most importantly, she inspired me to step outside my comfort zone. Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy! Those were her famous words of wisdom.


Halloween costume ideas (warning… some may be considered “slutty-ier” than Ms. Frizzle intended…):






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