Long Day

Today I resumed my post as “that girl who is kind of a teacher but is only here two days a week” at Irish. Today was a rough day. It was the first day back from three day weekend and we (and by we I mean the class, Mrs. Stahl’s class) had a sub. Please excuse my language here, but my first thought was “Oh shit!”  So needless to say with 7 IEPs in the class and students who continually pushed the boundaries all day I am exhausted and this will be a very short post. Why do kids insist on testing the power of the “sub” or the student teacher or the TA? WHY!?! I seriously had a student hiss at me and throw stuff at me all day because he didn’t want to do the work. How do I deal with this as a teacher. More importantly, right now, how do I deal with discipline as a TA in classroom that I feel I have no authority in? What the hell am I doing thinking I can be a teacher?!?!???


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