What Billy Madison says about education

So firt off I would like to say that I’m very sorry about missing class on Monday.  One of my good friends ask my roommates and I could watch his dog for the weekend let’s just say that his dog is not very well trained.  He is an unnutered 70 lb American Bulldog named Icerus who doesn’t understand what the word no means.  Icerus spent the entire weekend misbehaving, chewing on everything, jumping on all our furnature, and completely disregarding everything we told him.  His owner was supposed to pick him up on Sunday but of course decided to go on a little hiateus and turn his phone off until today.  Anyways Monday came around and we decided that it probably wasn’t best to leave him home alone all day, and sense we all have class at the same time we decided to pull straws to decide to see who would stay home and watch the dog for the middle part of the day.  Of course I was the unlucky one who had to skip class to stay home and watch the misbehaving Bulldog, I wasn’t too happy about this.

I decided to relax and let off a little steam before starting on my homework (I can’t do homework if I’m in a foul mood) by going through my On Demand and picking out a movie that would brighten my day.  If you have comcast then you probably know mean when I say that the free movie selection sucks.  There is probably only about two or three good movies on there at a given time and they stay on there for months so natuarlly I was beside myself with excitment when I noticed Billy Madison on the list.  For everyone who lives under a rock and hasn’t seen this classic, Billy Madison is a loser who’s father, the owner a fortune 500 chain of hotels, bribed all his teachers first grade through high school to pass his son and now Billy spends his days getting drunk and chasing nonexistant penguins.  But when Billy’s dad decides to retire, instead of giving Billy the company he makes the better choice to give it to Eric (he’s a dick).  Billy cuts his father a deal to go back to school and do every grade over again spending two weeks in each grade.  If Billy passes he gets the company and if not it goes to Eric.  Billy’s dad agrees and the hilarity that can only rbe produced by watching a middle aged alcoholic pegging a bunch of first graders with dodgeballs ensues.

This movie got me thinking two things, I miss when Adam Sandler actually did good movies and wow, Billy Madison really has a lot to say about the roll teachers play in inspiring their students.  I recently read this article on the roll teachers play in inspiring their students and I must say Billy Madison deffinatly glorified the roll of teachers as inspiring the future.  In the end of the movie Billy graduates and succeeds in his goal to achieve his fathers blessing take over the family business, however Billy makes the announcement at his graduation that he will not be taking over Madison Hotels.  Instead, Billy anounces that he will be neglecting the offer to make millions of dollars as CEO and instead will be going back to school to become a teacher due to Ms. Vahun his third grade teacher.  Anyways if you haven’t seen this movie go see it, Billy Madison golrifies the roll of the teacher and if that weren’t enough, it’s absolutly hilarious so if nothing else you’ll get a few laughs out of it. O’DOYAL RULES!!!!


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