Jobsjobsjobsjobsjobsjobsjobsjobs….What Our Lives Revolve Around…. or so it Seems

Hello All,
I am writing this post at work. I really shouldn’t be because it “isn’t professional” but I couldn’t contain the thoughs…. also, I am terribly bored and figured I could get some homework out of the way.
This year, I took on a job at the student Rec Center on campus. I work at the service center as well as the equipment desk. I thought this would be such a great job; everyone is dying to work at the Rec Center, and I am lucky enough to work here. Not that I dislike my job at all, it’s just different than I expected.
I work at my community recreation center back home in Aspen (if you’re judging me because suddenly you think I’m rich and snobby, stop it. Lock that down!). I have worked there as a lifeguard since I was 15 and began working at the front desk there since I was 16. I learned my way around and learned all about having good work ethic. I enjoyed having my own income… rather, I became dependent on it. I didn’t have a job last year, so I made damned sure I had something this year. It was perfect. I was just taking my skills from Aspen, and using them here.
I am still doing that, don’t get me wrong, but it’s SO DIFFERENT! For those of you who are guilty of never being in the Rec Center, I’ll explain it a bit for you: It is fairly new, very organized, and – for employees – seemingly strict. (Personal thought: it’s a student rec center for crying out loud!) We try to uphold a professional appearance. It’s fine and all… but I am only getting paid minimum wage…. which is a whopping $7.64 and hour.
I shouldn’t be complaining, because I am fortunate to have a job in this economic crisis period, or whatever we want wto call it. But $7.64 an hour is a bit low for all that any student can bare. I think that any person who is working while in school – middle school, high school, college – deserves a good old pat on the back and a little bit of a raise. We aren’t in the industrial age anymore. To keep up the grade and be a responsible, working student is a lot to manage. It’s managable and beneficial, but tough non the less.
I want to know what jobs you all have or had while being a student. Was it difficult, easy, annoying, what? Tell me about what you’ve got going on.
How does this all relate to the “education” theme of our blog, you ask? Let me tell you. I can really only tie it all together because most of us in CO 301D want to go into the teacher profession. We are, therefore, accepting a low-paying job that is difficult and rewarding each day. I feel like being a student and having a job relates to being a teacher because its overwhelming, you have a low income, and yet it’s still rewarding.
I guess I just want to have some sympathy for staying on top of it all (barely), but I know that it’s not just me. And people out there are doing things that are much harder….
But still, let me know what jobs you’ve had/have that are overwhelming while also balancing other stuff like school, babysitting, etc…
Thanks 🙂

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