So earlier today I was reading this article about the suspension of the teachers strike in Chicago.  In all honesty I’m still not really all too sure what to think about it, I mean come on, they really gave those students ten days off of school because their teachers thought that they were being treated unfairly.  In addition I was also really surprised to find out that there was such a thing as a teachers union.  The image came to my head of a bunch of teachers holding up picket signs outside of the schools chanting stuff like “hell no we won’t teach.”  In my home town of St. Louis, there is a local grocery store that goes on strike almost every other week and the union workers spend the next few weeks or so picketing outside the store chanting ridiculous stuff like that.  Relating that initial imagine of the grocery store workers to the teachers on strike was my source of comical amusement for the day.  I’m still not really too sure what the strike was even about in the first place but I’m sure that whatever it was they didn’t need to go on strike to solve it.  That is just incredibly unfair to the students that they missed that much of the school year just because the teacher’s union decided to strike.  Seriously, I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of angry phone calls that the school districts got from parents about their kids not being in school and what they were responding to them with.  I can’t imagine that many parents were too happy after that phone call; however, like many others I am very glad that the strike was resolved.


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