Candy Ban in Schools

So, here I am on a Thursday night, drinking my cup of homemade pumpkin spice coffee, and thinking about a topic for my blog post. Then it hit me like a brick to the head. I was at Blevins Middle School today where I help 7th grade English students with their classwork. The class headed to the library to renew their ‘in class reading’ books and I started a conversation with the teacher. We talked about the kids for a while and somehow ended up on the topic of candy in the classroom. She said it was okay to bring in ‘healthy’ snacks for the kids; but it was not allowed to bring in candy. “Why?” I asked, in amazement. She went on to tell me that they are no longer allowed to give students candy because of Michelle Obama. I was still confused. Turns out, Michelle Obama is meddling with our junk food. There are a lot of articles on this subject but I linked this one since it has twitter posts on it.

Here are my three main thoughts: one, just because you down size a candy bar, or take pop machines out of schools does not mean that a kid will not eat that candy bar. It reminds me of the show, ‘Hey, Arnold!’ The chubby kid goes to a fat camp and when he come back he orders 12 low-fat chocolate ice cream bars instead of 6 regular ice cream bars. So what? You down size the candy bar and people are just going to eat three regular candy bars. Two, coming back to schools, I had a lot of teachers that would give us hard candy during tests because it is proven that it helps you concentrate better. Read this blog here, it explains the idea very well. Three, what is next? It starts with the candy bars, people! It is about control. Soon they will be telling us when we all need to be in bed to receive adequate sleep, and how many hours a week we need to work out, and how many times we can wipe my ass a day. I just strongly believe that I should be able to eat a candy bar whenever I damn well feel like it- and it can be any size I want. Bonus thought- which you might find cruel, but I could care less what you think about it. I do not find Michelle Obama attractive at all. It does not matter how many hours a week she works out- she will never be attractive. How fair would it be if I was the first lady and told her

that she needed a face transplant because she is ugly. That’s right it wouldn’t be. So, even though that is extreme of me to say, what is the difference of her monitoring what we put into our mouths because she thinks we all are fat. I personally, don’t think it is cruel of me to think that.


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