Copy Right Laws

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So I am just going to talk a little bit more about what I did my project on. New copy right laws are freaking stupid so I decided that I would complain more about them and inform you all on what they are etc. Enjoy!

In today’s society, integrating copyrighted information into your personal documents correctly can be a bit challenging. With Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and many other online media websites it can be easy for any of us to post something incorrectly and break copyright rules. Watching “A Fair(y) Use Tale,  and reading articles including “Copyright, Fair Use, and Teaching and Learning Innovation in a Web 2.0 World” and “The Open Future” have really opened my eyes to the difficulties with copyright integration in the higher education world. As discussed in these articles, there is a dilemma with copyright laws and actions in our new digital millennium. Most of our copyright laws created in the 1970’s were create based off of the technology that was around at that time, and in this day and age may not be applicable or realistic. In the Article, “Copyright, Fair Use, and Teaching and Learning Innovation in a Web 2.0 World”, they state that our new technological advances, “makes it difficult for faculty and students to know what is appropriate behavior and proper form when engaged in academic projects” (Diaz, Matrano, Christoph, 2). Students have more access now than ever before to online articles, books, videos, etc. that they need to understand how to site every one of their copyright sources in a correct and legal manner. They state, “the fair use exception allows individuals to quote passages from a book or journal article and use at least short segments of songs and movies”. Although students can still in cooperate copyrighted material into their academic papers, understanding the difference between plagiarism and copyright infringement is very important. Plagiarism is not against the law, however Copyright infringement is, with much higher consequences. There are also copyright laws for the amount of information hat teachers can use in their classrooms. It states on the website, “Educational Cyber Play Ground” that any music a teacher wants to use in his or her classroom, “to be evaluated  – because the music might be copyrighted, the words might be copyrighted, and the performance might be copyrighted.” ( So in order for a teacher to utilize any form of music, or videos, the now need to get permission from the producing company in order to show a class the entire thing. They also say that you can show no more than 30 seconds worth of copyrighted music to a classroom if you do not have permission to do so from the producing company. Copyright is taken very seriously and according to these resources, have very serious consequences.

In reading these articles, watching a movie and visiting many websites devoted to copyright laws in this day and age, I have understood how important it is to address this topic in my classroom. I need to keep students aware of key questions to ask as presented in the article, “Copyright, Fair Use, and Teaching and Learning Innovation in a Web 2.0 World”, students must ask themselves questions such as, “why are you using it [copyrighted material], how much you use, and in what context?”.  With the new technology kick, I find it crazy how many more laws and restrictions that have been created to prevent us from utilizing all of the wonderful material out there. I think that it is completely logical to have to have students cite their sources, and give credit to those whose information that they are using, but I can see where it can be very difficult for these students to see what is right and what is wrong when it comes to copyrighted material.  Another thing I found very interesting was that teachers have high restrictions also in what they can use in their classrooms. For me to only be able to utilize 30 seconds of a song, or only 1000 words from an article or book that I want my students to read sounds crazy to me.

Although there are many restrictions on copyright use in the classroom, that is not going to stop me from allowing my students to learn with music, movies and other multi-media resources. The law states that I am allowed to perform that copyrighted material on my own, because the music is out of copyright and the performance would be my own ( That is one important thing to take note of. That is one way to avoid copyright laws in my classroom. I will also take time at the beginning of the year to educate students on copyright laws as well. I think it is important to inform my students of the restrictions ahead of time so that they know how serious it can really be. I want to be there for students through out the year and have them practice utilizing copyrighted material correctly, and always be there to help them before turning in a final draft or an electronic piece of writing. I am thankful that there are resources out there, similar to the ones I have read in this class) to inform me on copyright laws. I will also utilize these sources and have my students take a look at some of these when I get my own classroom to assure that they are well informed.

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  1. mhuntzinger says:

    I ended up blogging about this same thing last week. I think its a very troublesome issue as well as an issue that many people aren’t aware of. Watching the video and reading the articles really got me thinking about copyright laws too and what they mean for us as educators. I know that whenever I incorporate a song or an image into a project I’m working on, I had never considered these copyright laws. New technology has made it so easy to have access to copyrighted material and simply copy and past it in anything. I agree that it is very important to inform students about copyright laws so that they can make informed decisions about the materials they use. I think as a teacher, its important to give students all they information and resources possible; so copyright laws really end up being a pain!

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