One more funny?

Im watching this show called Breaking Amish on TLC. I watch everything on TLC, it’s pretty much my favorite. Some things I hate… like the baby stuff… it’s usually grody. Anyways (for those of you who dont know) it’s about four Almish kids who leave their community and go to NYC – “The City”. It’s really sad in a lot of ways, really cool too. All four of them say they want to experience life, but for them, “life” consists of drinking and hooking up and going against the grain. Don’t get me wrong, do what you want but it just irritated me. Is that what we teach kids? Each other? I know we teach A LOT more then that, but it frustrates me that the outside world, or even younger siblings think thats what it’s like to grow up. I wonder where the line is for teachers… is it right for teachers to shares their “morals” or views on life?

it just got me thinking I guess… NBD


Here’s another video that made me laugh my head off. Oh my, other peoples misery is just too funny.


One thought on “One more funny?

  1. alasamy says:

    Have you seen this video? I feel like it fits in to your twisted sense of humor! =P

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