Rubric of all Rubrics

Attention All Teachers:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a rubric for the next assignment you give to your students.

Your rubric must include:

-A clearly stated assignment/guidelines

-Clearly stated learning goals/outcomes for the assignment

-A clearly stated points/grading system

This assignment is worth 15 points, and will be graded based on your ability to fulfill the requirements stated above.

Note: This assignment is not meant to be hard. This assignment is designed to help your students understand what it is you expect of them and the purpose for every assignment you give. Here, I have attached the Rubric of Rubrics for this assignment.

This is my paper #1 in case someone did not get a chance to see it and is interested. As many of  you may have guessed I sort of did this to make a point that I was frustrated (sorry Garcia). However, I did learn that maybe having rubrics is not always the best plan of attack when handing out assignments. I was amazed at the creativity that came out of our class, and it made me realize that had we had a rubric or strict assignment to work from many of the amazing projects that were presented to our class would not have been created, and that would have been a tragedy. I was amazed at all of the things  that I learned from our class and I look forward to learning more from paper #2!


2 thoughts on “Rubric of all Rubrics

  1. fbleam says:

    It’s funny because I think that’s exactly what Mr. Garcia was trying to get at! 🙂 I actually loved the creativity as well and it’s good to give students some leway! I liked your project and that you learned from it as well. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It’s very interesting for me to read this post… because I couldn’t feel more different!

    When an instructor takes away a rubric my brain lights up. Doors are opened to stop creating for what the teacher wants, and start thinking about what I personally want to get out of the assignment.

    I guess it’s actually really useful for me to read your rubric and hear about your frustration around the genre paper assignment. I know that some people get very concerned with a lack of structure, and it’s very important to recognize that side of the equation.

    Our future classrooms will certainly have a mix of brains: brains that enjoy putting something together without instructions, and brains that read every word of the manual! There is nothing wrong with either of these styles, but I suppose we definitely need to keep in mind how we will honor this spectrum :]


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