The easy way out of writing an actual post the title reads this is an attempt to get out of writing an actual post by simply sharing my genre paper with those of you who didn’t get the chance to read my “poetic gold” as some might call it.

Sorry, Garcia- #nodisrespect #Iamlazy #ilovetwitter


Trying to become a teacher is frightening

By Devyn Curley


Trying to become a teacher is frightening,

But learning how to be one is enlightening.

We are taught many special teaching techniques.

Soon we will use them on our own little freaks.

We wonder if students are going to like us,

Will they be good or will they give us a fuss?

My students better not be bouncing off the wall

My classroom management will send them to the hall.

Will I be judged based on a standardized test?

What kind of test information needs to be stressed?

English can be so dull; how can I interest

My students? I’ll make it my personal conquest.

I want to see my students come back after they leave

To hear all they have done, I won’t believe.

They will give me thanks for believing in them.

But I will take no reward- no reward or gem.

I want to use my passion to conquer my fears

I will work at this until I am in tears.

Don’t care about the pay, it’s really not a lot

I just care about the life lessons that will be taught.

I’ll be a teacher without self-righteous pride

And yes we will have class and have it outside.


With creating this poem, I had hoped to connect with other aspiring teachers like myself. I appreciated the feedback I received on Wednesday from the few that did get hear my poetry. The overall opinion of the piece was positive and most agreed the poem covered general hopes and fears of becoming a teacher. I was happy that my audience found it be easy to relate to , which was my focus while coming up with every line of the poem. I would enjoy some other feedback if ya’ll care to comment on my genre paper. Thanks 🙂



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