The Genre of Empathy

So after the discussion in class today on Genre papers, I decided I would post mine in case anyone wanted to take a peek around and see more projects than they already saw!
I did my project on Empathy in the Classroom, and specifically how I think techniques of empathy can be taught to skeptical teachers. i think it is possible to have a lot of empathy hand in hand with a class room that is well managed– in fact, i think the more you lay the groundwork of empathy and mutual understanding, the less time you have to manage your students and the more time you have to teach. i am shadowing a teacher right now named mrs vair, and she has the most classroom management i have ever seen, on top of a class that really respects her and clearly has a blast in her class. so i took some techniques that she uses and compiled it into an introductory pamphlet… check it out!


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