Having that teacher face…

Fantastic news to everyone…I have a teacher face! Now some of you may be wondering, “What in the hell is a teacher face?” or you might be asking yourself if you have a teacher’s face as well…

A teacher’s face is a face of a teacher who demands respect and obedience in the classroom. Accompany the face is the teacher’s stance, which I am currently in the process of working on.. 

I figured out that I was gifted with a teacher’s face last Tuesday while having my lab/recitation for EDUC 340 @ Wellington Middle School. I was asked to walk around the class, and help students with math (a subject these particular students have trouble with; this is a math skills class). 

I was mainly working with a table of unruly boys, who were more interested in talking about football than completing their math assignment. I decided it was time for them to get some work done, so I said, “I want you ALL to be done with the problem you are working on by the time I circle around the room and come back to this table. Okay?” 

All of the boys agreed and I resumed making my rounds around the room. When I noticed ten or minutes later my rowdy boys chatting it up with one of my CSU peers again about football, I decided to casually stroll back to their table. 

Now this part I SWEAR I am not exaggerating…as soon as I got to that table and the boys realized I was there, they instantly stopped speaking with my peer, grabbed their pencils, and started working on their assignment again. 

All it took from me, was a look. Just my face. Now that makes me feel like I have some horribly mean, stern face, but  whatever it may be..it got those students to get back to work. It took absolutely minimal effort to lay down the law. It was f***ing awesome!


This got me thinking about classroom management with high schoolers. High schoolers are going to need a different approach and if I want to teach at that level then I really must figure out that approach. Truth of the matter is that I am scared shitless of having to work with them. I am sure some of you might be able to relate.

Middle School is all about the emotional battles you have to go through with your pubescent students, but I think it’s going to be ME who has all the emotions to deal with. High schoolers can be mean and if the don’t like you, you’re going to be outcasted by them as the teacher they do not like and your class will be the class that is ditched. 

I am just worried and trying to get some of that stress off of my shoulders. Anyone else relate to this whole not having classroom management thing?


One thought on “Having that teacher face…

  1. lindalynee says:

    I really enjoyed your post! Mainly because I had the same thing happen to me in an English classroom at Preston. I work with a “professional learning aid” there…which basically means I am working with a women in social work who deals with students with special needs. By this, I do not mean “special education” like most of you are thinking. This woman has the skills to work with students with severe (and when I say severe I mean severe) mental and emotional conditions. There are 6 particular students in this classroom that this women is in there for. She works with only those specific students to help the teacher out with classroom management because of these students, and to also help these students learn at their pace.
    Well, one of these boys that I am assisting her with in my 350 class, literally was going BONKERS in the classroom. He was folding paper in a bunch of different ways, trying to make a dragon or something…I don’t really know. So being the “teachers assistant” that I am, I decided to try and put on this “face” that you are talking about and tell him to put the paper away and pay attention because it was distracting other students. The next thing I know, this child is screaming, shaking like he was having a seizure and began screaming in the middle of class. Automatically I was mortified. The entire class turned around and stared at me and then stared at him. The teacher seemed pretty angry and I basically wanted to crawl in a hole and die. At that moment I was thinking I should have just let him keep on folding that paper and distracting the other students than have that happen. It was pretty terrible. The pera-professional came over and began to calm this kid down and ended up taking him outside of the classroom.
    I went to the teacher after class and apologized for the distraction that I had caused, expecting her to be upset with me. But thankfully she wasn’t and said things like this happen with him all of the time with the pera-proffesional and most students in her classroom had grown up with this boy, or had other classes with him and were use to these common outbursts.
    Needless to say, I guess I don’t quiet have the teacher face that you are talking about. I suppose I should work on it before the next time I go to Preston because that was beyond terrible. haha

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