“Star Teacher” Prompt

Have you learned what NOT to do in your classrooms based on your “quitter/failure” teachers? Or, are there some things you want to include/adopt in your classroom that you have learned from your “star” teachers?


Yes, there are things that I definitely want to adopt in my own classroom based off the things my star teachers did. One thing that particularly stands out in my mind is Mr. Sauls classroom. Senior year English Lit. Mr. Sauls was one of my biggest inspirations for becoming an English teacher; he really made me realize how much I loved English and Shakespeare (yeah, Shakespeare, good teacher huh?). What I particularly liked in his classroom was the lighting. Not once did I walk into his classroom and become blinded by the harsh, white built-in lights in the ceiling – Mr. Sauls had 3 standing lamps in the corners of the classroom which glowed a pleasant gold-ish orange instead of blaring white. This created a perfect atmosphere for studying English and Shakespeare! The lights were neither too bright nor too dim, and in my opinion fostered the best learning environment possible. In my future classroom I would love to be able to create a completely different and more welcoming setting by changing the lighting.

In high school I had another “star” teacher by the name of Mrs. Miller who taught Creative Writing. It was in her class that I discovered my love of writing. She laid out for us a diverse curriculum in which we wrote: poetry, flash fiction, movie scripts (those being my absolute favorite) and more. The classroom atmosphere was very laid back, and surprisingly the students were always focused on their writing. I assume this was due to the fact that creative writing was an elective class, so the students were writers who were serious about their work. Mrs. Miller loved the writing I had turned in and always used mine as an example of what everyone else’s writing should be. I’ve always been shy about letting others read my writing, but Mrs. Miller encouraged me to put myself out there and this class is where I learned to shine! Writing wise, at least. As a teacher I would love more than anything to teach a creative writing class instead of some dull English class, and embody the attitudes and qualities of Mrs. Miller.


About Emma Steward

Coloradoan, yogi, future educator, vegetarian, nature lover, fine wine connoisseur of fine wines (Five truths and lie, or is it two...)

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