This Could Be Your Classroom!

Last night I was watching the news when a story came on about education…

……. okay – I honestly don’t remember what the story was, but that’s not the point. The cameras panned to a classroom full of studious adolescents and I immediately realized something was wrong. They were sitting in stiff, yellow, plastic chairs and looked horribly uncomfortable. I thought, “hey, they should be sitting on exercise balls”!


There are so many good reasons to use exercise balls in the classroom and every preservice/teacher should consider incorporating them into their own classroom.


First of all, exercise balls support classroom benefit in ways chairs cannot. Exercise balls…

–       Help students get “the wiggles” out, and in turn, your students will focus better and increase concentration, performance, and retention.

–       Help students sit up straight and be attentive through “active sitting”.

–       Eliminate students “rocking” in their chairs and bothering their neighbors.


Secondly, your students would love to use them in their classroom!

–       Kinesthetic students can move in their seats rather than demonstrating out of seat behavior: getting up to get hand sanitizer, sharpening their pencils, getting a drink of water etc.

–       Behavioral issues are alleviated by giving students a positive outlet.

–       They are a lot of fun! And happy kids learn!


Students in schools today aren’t getting as much exercise as they need on a daily basis. You probably know what it’s like to get a case of the “sleepies” halfway through class. Exercise balls provide opportunities for mild exercise, activities, and stretching in the classroom so that you and your students can be as attentive as possible.

–       Beat the drowsiness with an exercise break:

  • Bounce as a class for a minute or two
  • Engage in some light arm and leg exercises
  • Stretch!

–       The use of exercise balls improves blood flow to all parts of the body (especially the brain), strengthens the core, and improves balance and coordination.

–       Students and teachers alike will benefit form the mental and physical break.


Exercise balls have been tested and continually used all over the nation. Colorado is especially jumping on board! Or should I say jumping on the ball? That being said, what’s stopping you from using exercise balls as chairs in your classroom?


About Emma Steward

Coloradoan, yogi, future educator, vegetarian, nature lover, fine wine connoisseur of fine wines (Five truths and lie, or is it two...)

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