2nd Period: Supersize Me Appreciaton Class

My class schedule might have said that 2nd period was intro to Dietetics and Exercise Science, but that statement had more bologna in it than a lunchroom sandwich. that class should have been called “Fall Asleep Again at 8:45 AM 101”, or perhaps “Supersize Me the Film Appreciation Lab”.

the teacher was the gym teacher, and while he valued things like high school sports he didnt value the actual  ‘high school’ aspect of it all. so, on the first day he handed out the syllabus, second day he handed out a food pyramid and popped in super size me.

the trouble all started the next day when we ‘forgot where we even left off!” and so he started it over. the next day he started it 10 minutes later. then the next day 12 minutes later. we kept incrementally creeping through the movie ALL THE WAY INTO OCTOBER

…..WHAT?!?! how is this okay?! why do i have to be subjected to morgan spurlock spewing supersized beef sandwiches onto sidewalk not ONCE but four times a week? nasty.
how is it that so many good potential teachers don’t get hired, whereas our school and other schools are clogged up with teachers who clearly suck?
michelle rhee, a former inner city school teacher who took up the gauntlet of forming an independant group that works for things like teacher rights and abolishing tenure came up with this brilliant idea (i swiped this from her wikipiedia about page):

In 2008, she also tried to renegotiate teacher compensation, offering teachers the choice of salaries of up to $140,000 based on what she termed “student achievement” with no tenure rights or earning much smaller pay raises with tenure rights retained. Teachers and the teachers union rejected the proposal, contesting that some form of tenure was necessary to protect against arbitrary, political, or wrongful termination of employment.

… I think this is brilliant. BRILLIANT. as long as the system to determine if a teacher is proficient is a fair one, i think this idea is perfect. because if a teacher is, i don’t know, DOING THEIR JOB instead of popping in a video that they clearly have stolen from blockbuster at this point, they have to potential to be paid close to what their work actually deserves.

i don’t know, all i’m saying is i would have fallen asleep a lot easier during that second period class with the knowledge of knowing that our morgan spurlock loving coach was missing out on a super sized salary when he chose to sit on his toosh and play a 1.5 hour documentary for two months.


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