Are There Really Sick Days?

I’m sick…. and I’m sure most everyone else is at this point. The terrible things about classrooms and dorm life and interacting with people means that you’re closer than you want to be, and germs spread. I’m not necessarily a germaphobe but I am one of those people who has a tiny bottle of Purell in my backpack. The worst is that through coming to class and being a good student, we inevitabely get our other good student-classmates sick as well. To quote Fairon from Twitter, “the whole class is sick, lets go home.” Word to ya, Fairon!

No one enjoys being sick. Sure, a day off is nice, but actually being sick is terrible. The aches, the runny or stuffy nose, the cough…. You don’t realize how amazing being healthy is until you can’t breath like you once were able to. That’s where I got to thinking: I would love to take a day to heal myself and get better; kick this cold’s butt!

But I was shot down by the man! (and by the man, I’m going to blame Tony Frank since he’s the head honcho on this campus.) 

I can’t really miss a day of class. I don’t know how people can possibly ditch class anyways! It’s not that I wouldn’t love to ditch class somedays, but I can’t afford to get behind. I already am drowning in school work and extra activities and work. I am barely able to stay on top of it all. I couldn’t possibly miss a day and try to play catch up. 

I felt this way in high school too, only high school was worse because everyone knew you were gone and the teachers all held you personally accountable to make up all 6-8 classes that you were taking – in college the teachers care…. kinda as long as you do the work, and your classmates keep track of themselves pretty much. The problem is that we are so dependent on every single day of class and each class is important (to that teacher at least). But it’s also not a problem because want to make each day in my class important and valuable, and believe that my class is extremely important or else why would anyone be there. Right? IDK.

So how do we fix this? I want to be able to miss a day without drowning in the make-up work. If more students stayed home when they were sick, maybe the diseases wouldn’t take over the entire school….. 


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