Have You Learned From Your Teachers? Yes, I have. A Ton.

The free-write that we were suggested to think deeper about from yesterday was, “Have you learned from your so-called “good” teachers or “bad” teachers?”

Every single day, every single time that I am in class and I find myself not paying attention, I ask myself why? I also find myself constantly critiquing my teachers on what ideas that I can steal from them as well as ideas that I will remind myself to never use. To answer the first thought that I had of why am I not paying attention, I’ve realized there are many. As we all know, we all learn differently. Not one single person is the same or learns the same way and that’s something that is extremely challenging about our major and future careers, but also extremely exciting! There’s so much that we can do in a classroom full of kids that all learn differently. But something that I’ve learned is that I wasn’t really challenged to use other learning styles because I liked to focus on the ones that I’m good at. So, when it comes to me sitting in a room with thirty other students discussing a Shakespeare play for an hour and fifteen minutes, I am definitely not engaged at all. I try to take notes and pay attention, but I find myself thinking about other things. I finally sat down last night and worked extremely hard on Shakespeare and British Literature and realized it’s not the material that I am bored by, it’s the teacher. I think she is a really nice person, but when it comes down to keeping kids engaged, it’s not cutting it. This helps me to realize that some of my students will do the exact same thing so how can I keep them engaged? I think this might be a fear that many of us have in common, but personally, I think it will come with your passion about the subject and your students, as well as wanting to grow and learn more everyday.

So to answer more abruptly, yes, I learn from my teachers each and every day about what to do and not do when it comes to teaching, but I don’t think it should be just from my point of view. Tonight, I have campus corps which I had posted about earlier. I was talking to my mentee about what he doesn’t like about school. I was actually quite astonished and impressed by what he said. He simply stated, “When I leave the classroom, everything that I just learned leaves and I don’t remember it so I don’t see the point in what school is doing.” I simply looked at him and said, “A big part of that would be your teachers, but also a big part comes from your attitude about it.” The more that I think about it though, I love hearing this! How can we as teachers keep our students constantly learning even when they leave our room? How can we help to keep them engaged when they don’t want to be there because they think that what they are learning is useless and they won’t remember it anyway?

Again, I simply love this major because each day I am being challenged to find a new answer to something! I am looking forward to asking my education teacher tomorrow on what his thoughts are on this and I will keep you posted. If you all have any thoughts, please share! 🙂 



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