Jung/ Briggs Meyers

Not only am i Alex Denu the English Education major, but i am also Alex Denu…The English Education major…. with a business minor! Dual identity revealed! This business minor of mine i definitely the less exciting part of my education, but i thought that it woud be a good idea to have a plan B if this whole “I’m gonna teach” thing doesn’t work out. Its not the most exciting plan B that ever existed, but having a back-up plan (even if it is as boring as a business minor) makes me feel more secure. Usually I can hardly find the motivation to make it through the likes of Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Business Law, Marketing and the like. I’m not saying that these business classes are completely useless, I just hate them, and am rarely motivated to succeed in them. But i don’t think they’re useless. In my management class this year, i’ve experienced similar lapses of motivation, and i’ve mostly found ways to pass time in the class by acting like i can complete the new york times crossword puzzle. this management class,however, has helped me to draw some paralleles between business management and teaching. Specifically, I’m thinking about a test that we took sometime in the last couple weeks called the Briggs’ Meyers Personality test which is based off of Jungian research. This test is meant to help individuals discover the dominating characteristics of their personality, and has been used by corporations to help decide which employees to hire. Most people think that by identifying individuals personalities through this test allows them to understand in which situations the individual would work best, what type of people they would work best in, what type of environment they are most productive in etc. 

According to the test, I am an ISFP type. Which means this.

Now I’m absolutely not saying that i agree with all of the outcomes of this test, but it is interesting to read about the different types of personalities and about suggestions for careers or relationships for certain personality types. If you do take this test, be weary of the questions! One question tat i have a problem with (which i think was the sole reason for categorizing me as an introvert) was “Would you rather read a book, or go to a party?” Since i read books everyday, and  don’t party everyday, i answered that i would usually rather read a book. I’m pretty sure that these aren’t the only two options that i have in life though, and i think this question leaves out way too many things to be valid (what about going out to a book party? or reading a book about parties? or reading a book about parties at a book party? take that Carl, and Briggs’ Meyers). But regardless of my own beliefs about the test, isn’t important for us as future educators to know all of the different personalities that will enter our classroom? Isn’t it important to understand how these different personalities work together, and what environment these personalities work best in? 

TO have the most successful environment for teaching, it is obviously important that teachers attempt to know each student on an individual level, and it is important to understan what makes them tick. I’m not saying that this is the best personality test out there, but is highly regarded by many professionals, and is absolutely an interesting place to start if you’re looking into different personality types.

Does anyone else think that this test (or others like it) could be useful in our future classrooms? 


On a separate note, i know we all like cat videos, so here’s Ron Livingston, as keyboard cat. 



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