If you really knew me, you would know that I love Mac-n-cheese, I am obsessed with the show revenge, and also you would know that I absolutely love tattoos.


I know, random right!? Most people don’t know that I have a LOT of tattoos. I absolutely love tattoos, and I want to get more. But some of the tattoos that I hesitate about is simply because I am worried about getting a job, especially a teaching job. I feel as though some teachers have tattoos, and some of them don’t. And I have no idea what is allowed and what is not within any school district.


Wanting to teach in an inner city school I am stuck. I am having a hard time because I want tattoos on my arms and I want one on my collar bone. Both of those areas will show with clothing in my classroom. I am not so sure that being covered in tattoos in a school with kids with special needs, that were raised in an uncontrolled and unsupervised environment and in areas with gangs, I don’t want to be a bad example for these kids. I think that it is extremely important to establish the difference between student and teacher. That relationship should not be a friendship relationship. I think that teachers have to be authority figures, and look professional. And I know many people do not believe that tattoos are not professional.


On the other hang, in my personal opinion I think tattoos are unique and establish who a person is. Therefore, I do not think that they are unprofessional. I think that any teacher should be able to show their tattoos as long as they are school appropriate. So, whatever is in their code of conduct for dress code, are what tattoos must follow. Things like no profanities, no drug or alcohol content, and nothing inappropriate like naked ladies or anything on someone’s arms.


Personally, I think that it sucks that we have to be careful with where we locate tattoos when they are extremely appropriate. I want to be able to express myself through my tattoos. I want to be able to show my students who I am through my tattoos and I wish that it wasn’t a problem.


Tattoos are a hard topic, especially for people who are from generations previous from us, a.k.a. our employers. I guess for now I am going to have to wait to get some of my tattoos until after I get a job in a school, and speak with my supervisors to see what is acceptable in their school.


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  1. heathercatherine23 says:

    Linda- I totally agree with you! I love tattoos too, but I have also been afraid to get any more in fear that it will greatly hinder my future job opportunities. Even as just a hostess in a restaurant, I am not permitted to have any visible tattoos, so I can only guess how much more that regulation is enforced in an environment where we are expected to not only take on the title of educator, but the responsibility of role model as well.
    As you said, I also think tattoos are a great way to express yourself and share parts of who you are with your students. And if it wasn’t for that future fear, I know I’d have plenty more already! I really do think it should be allowed as long as it’s nothing inappropriate. But, I also think you are very smart to wait and see what your future supervisors have to say about it, since obviously not everyone would agree.

  2. emmalouisefaithsteward says:

    I, too, have always been very wary of getting tattoos and also getting a good job. My impression (that stems from but is a more realistic one than my attorney mom’s opinion) is that employer’s won’t hire employees with tattoos. Teachers especially, for the reasons you have mentioned. But I am curious to know what the employers really think, and if there are any “policies” regarding tattoos and teachers. It would be an interesting blog post idea – to show some of that research.


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