Lesson Planning and Whatnot

Hey!  For my Educational Technologies class we have to do this intense mega-project about building a website with a lesson plan for a video project… or something.  But it’s kinda fun and exciting.  My rough draft of the website is here.


If y’all wanna check that out and comment with some feedback, that’d be great!




One thought on “Lesson Planning and Whatnot

  1. kreidern says:

    First of all–nice work! The webpage looks very professional and simple. I could definitely see this project as an assignment for AP 12th graders like you’ve outlined. You are extremely descriptive and don’t have any loose ends–you’ve seemed to have thought of and addressed any sort of confusion/questions that might arise with this project. That’s a difficult feat to do so congrats. Just one thing I noticed, in your introduction page: “You will be, in effect, be responsible…” I don’t think you need both be’s before and after “in effect.” That’s just nitty-gritty stuff though, I apologize for my OCD behavior when it comes to grammar…my future students are really going to hate me I think for that!

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