Teachers’ School Spirit




How many of us have seen these teachers from our schools?

I certainly did. And I didn’t lose any respect for them. I actually found that their spirit helped get me and other students interested and enthusiastic about our school and the events. 

I had teachers in high school that would be legitimately excited about events or activities. And that only got my fellow classmates interested as well. But, like all of our discussions about bad vs. good teachers, I also had teachers that were bored, lacked interest in their work, and were uninvolved. They did things because they “had to” or were strongly encouraged to do. 


When I’m a teacher, I want to go all out. I want my students to feel like no one is too cool for school. I hope that my students will decide they are all too school for cool. No one is weird when everyone is goofy and weird. 

As teachers, if we act like something is lame or stupid, our students will think so too. Or they’ll lose what interest they had before. Or they’ll be afraid to speak up and show their interest. We have to be careful about how much of an influence we are on those we surround.

I can certainly remember the teachers who showed their pride in their work, and for their school. They were some of the best and favored amongst my classmates.



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