There is nice teachers, and then there are those guys….

There are two types of teachers in this world and each one of them has their own effect on the student.  There are nice teachers, the ones who are caring, and generally try to do their best to create the best possible learning environment, and then well… and then there are those guys.  I’m talking about the teachers who can really only be described by one term: asshole.  I had one of these teachers once, his name was Mr. M and he was my seventh grade math teacher.  While nice teachers attempt to correct you by leading you to the assumption that you are wrong through careful chosen words as to not hurt your feelings, Mr. M was the kind of guy who really didn’t care about your feelings.  He would point out the simple fact that you’re wrong then show you were you messed up at while insulting your intelligence in disguised ways that his students at the age of 13 were completely oblivious to.  I had the great fortune while I was a camp counselor my senior year of high school, of experiencing his humor from the other side.

Student: Mr. M Mr. M! Look at this rock I just found!

Mr. M: That’s great Jimmy!  Why don’t you go over there and look for more! (Jimmy runs off) Jimmy I don’t think there are any good rocks over there, why don’t you go out a little further…. Further… There that’s good.  (he turns to me) A little bit of advice Haack if you ever become a middle school teacher, any chance you get to distract your students, take it! They are very simple minded.

His was of discipline were quite comical as well.  Everything from hurling erasers at your head if you were talking in class to dropping chairs on your head if you were supposed to be quietly reading a text.  Now I know y’all are probably thinking who is this asshole and why is he teaching, but I can assure you as one of his past students it’s really not as bad as it sounds.  While there are many downsides to teaching like this Mr. M had perfected his art.  He knew his student’s lines very well and knew never to cross them.  He gave us all nicknames (mine was goober, don’t ask why) and had a demeanor about him that made that gave his classroom a really friendly environment.  Everyone who has ever taken his class can testify of how awesome a teacher he was, in fact seniors in high school who had him 6 years ago would even come back to visit and tell him how great his class was.  While Mr. M was kind of a dick it played in his favor as a math teacher.  There was never a question of where you messed up or how to fix it which is something that most math teachers are not clear about.  It played out in his favor, I got my first A in math from his class, and in all honesty I couldn’t have asked for a better math teacher.  Anyways, here is a completely unrelated article on children and television that I found interesting. Enjoy!


One thought on “There is nice teachers, and then there are those guys….

  1. kreidern says:

    I understand your experience with asshole teachers. Totally had one in junior high. She’s retired now, thank god, but she was this fat, old, mean lady who actually made me and several other students cry. First of all, nobody said a WORD in her classroom–ever. Ever. It was dead silent in there, one could hear a pin drop in the back of the class on the carpeted floor. We never talked because she held this yardstick and would slap it against the chalkboard and scream at you whenever you spoke out of line or didn’t raise your hand. What’s messed up is that she would assign group projects and then all of us would be afraid to talk to our groups because we weren’t allowed to talk in that class, and then she’d get pissed we weren’t talking. I didn’t get that at all. She was also an “assignment stalker”–meaning she would watch where you did your assignments. If you went to the library during lunch and she saw you signed into the computer lab, she’d ask you if you did her assignment in the computer lab or at home, and fail us if we didn’t do it at home. That’s a bunch of bullshit–we came to her class on time with a completed assignment, what does it matter where we did it? She would shut you down if you ever raised your hand with a wrong answer or asked a stupid question. She was the harshest grader ever–one wrong grammar mistake and she got pissed and your grade would suffer big time. She reminded me of those oldschool teachers, back when it was okay to paddle a child with a ruler when they misbehaved. I’m sure if that wasn’t illegal, she would’ve done it. Also, she gave me detention for not bringing my planner to class one day. I left it in my previous classroom and I begged to run down the hallway and retrieve it, but she gave me 45 minutes of detention and I had to stay after school and clean desks. Humiliated. Only time I’d ever been given detention. Weirdly enough, I got an A in her class…because I was too terrified to fail.

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