Don’t Read This

So here’s the thing. I’m running off of 3 hours of sleep, I spent 8 hours yesterday on a plane, I’ve been in 3 parts of the world within 12 hours, I have no idea what is going on in any of my classes, 90% of my clothing is moist and/or has sand and salt embedded into it, and everyone has been staring at me like I am a Martian because my skin tone is now 4 shades darker than it was 10 days ago. The creative juices for writing a blog just do not seem to be flowing…


Here’s a list of things, ideas rather, that come to my mind when I think of education:


1.Mnemonic devices

King Henry Died By Drinking Chocolate Milk


2.Classroom pets

Smelly turtles

You can’t really play with a turtle


The science teacher thinks having a snake is a necessary

3. Kids who hate school

Teachers have a secret desire to bury them in jello (or not so secret)

4. Classroom management

Is it legal to tie the squirrel children to their chairs?

Patience is key

5. Whiteboard vs. Chalkboard

Nails on a chalkboard- good classroom management tactic

Beating erasers together- good classroom management tactic

Smell of whiteboard markers- good classroom management tactic

6. Embarrassing front-of-the-classroom moments

Zipper undone

XYZPDQ (examine your zipper pretty darn quick)

Mnemonic device

Bat in the cave

No one listens to your lesson on improper fractions

Dress unknowingly stuck in panty-hose

Pray you didn’t go commando

Face swollen/make-up stains

Crying in the bathroom- it’s not easy to hide

7. Teacher’s Pet

Love them/hate them

Give student a brown sticker, put it on their nose

8. Ties

Obviously increases engagement in the class


My train of thought has now de-railed and I am no longer able to formulate coherent ideas… I don’t believe there was any point to this blog, just pure enjoyment of another person’s tired, jet-lagged, salt-filled thoughts!


Hope for a better tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Read This

  1. tseyffert says:

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love this! Is it sad I could follow your train of thought and I have not been travelling, nor am I sleep deprived….? I don’t immediately think of those things when I think of education, but I can understand where your coming from. 😀

  2. kszejna says:

    I could follow your train of thought too! I especially loved #7, I actually laughed out loud when I read it. These are things that I have never really associated with education, like Tara said, but I like it. Also, I hope I never choose to wear panty hose, that is my random thought. 🙂


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