Process, Not Product

For my Education 350 class, we had to make an Imovie that presented info on teenage motivation. because my partner was mac less and not very into technology, i created the movie. aaaand chaos ensued. we ended up having to not use any cool graphics and doing screen shots and just putting them to music. I haaated doing this because i feel like it came out super boring and not very pretty. and what did my awesome mentor teacher say? she said “well, knowing your frustrations, i’ll grade you on process not product. sometimes students learn more in the process and don’t necessarily have a great end product they love.”
that was a super great moment for me and my partner, and it made all our frustrations worth it.
so since it took all my time and energy, I figured I’d use it as my blog post… so take a peek if you dare 🙂

ps do you like the title of the video? my partner insisted. #groupwork


One thought on “Process, Not Product

  1. I’m having trouble viewing this video!

    It keeps telling me there is something wrong with the copyright grounds… is there any other way to share it so this doesn’t happen? I would love to see what you created.

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