Water is Life (WiL)

I want all of you to watch the below video and reflect upon on all the little things in your life that seem problematic to you. This video was inspired by the hashtag, “#firstworldproblems.”


I just sit here, pondering why I sweat all the small things that are insignificant in comparison to the problems millions of people have living without fresh water. How can I be worried about finding a freaking Halloween costume right now? Or what my grade was on my midterm? Or if the new Cosmo is at King Soopers? I feel selfish and inconsiderate about not being aware of my surroundings globally. I think I only focus on what’s around me because it’s there and my mind doesn’t wander past tomorrow. And unfortunately, I don’t think I’m alone in this feeling.

After watching this video tonight, I just feel inspired to make a change or help out the “Water is LIFE” foundation. Right now they only have a temporary fix with filtered straws that have been ” proven to be effective against waterborne diseases such as typhoid, cholera, dysentery, guinea worm, and diarrhea, and removes particles as small as fifteen microns.” But this is only the first step to solving a bigger problem. According to the Water is Life website, every 15 seconds a child dies from a water related disease/condition.

I really want to put together an event through a middle or high school (or both) that works with CSU so we can raise money for this cause.   If anyone wants to do this or get involved or has ways to help let me know.

P.S. Even if you choose not to help or can’t help…just be more aware of the bigger issues and stop sweating the small problems the first world gives you.

One thought on “Water is Life (WiL)

  1. lexyeaggs says:

    i totally agree with what you are saying. i had a chance to go to abroad and the stupid stuff we worry about here seems petty when you go past houses with bullet holes still in them and children digging through the sewers for change…. and meanwhile my roomates are watching keeping up with the kardashians and online shopping. it seems like two different worlds exist sometimes.
    i wanna help! let me know if i can do anything, i’m shadowing at a middle school for educ 350 and my mentor teacher is all about global community so i think she might be interested in getting her kids involved too!!!

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