More on Teachers with Tatts

I want to piggyback on Tealana’s post about teachers with tattoos/piercings. I am currently writing a speech for my public speaking class about this very topic! It is for the invitational speech; for those who don’t know: the invitational speech is basically facilitating a discussion. I have 4-5 minutes to give examples, present research, jumpstart my topic, etc. Then I have 5 minutes to ask questions, facilitate a discussion, hear opinions, all that good stuff.

Since I am busy writing a speech, I don’t have the time or energy to blog much. BUT, my plan is to blog for Thursday’s post about how my speech went and discuss a little bit about what my fellow speech classmates said, their opinions, questions, etc. 

Hope that’s ok! Just giving you a preview to my next blog post….. as my blog post…… 🙂


Quick! Get distracted by watching this funny video!!


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