Graphic Organizers Galore

As my first group topic oriented blog post, I decided to share a website dedicated to educators I learned about in my EDUC 340 recitation today. Some of you may of heard of it, but is a great website that offers fantastic resources for teachers. Check it out!

I offer this website because my group has decided to discuss teaching techniques, tips and tricks for anything from warm-up’s to advice how to get out of sticky situations teachers commonly face.

Personally, I love to stay organized when it comes to almost anything. This includes, but is not limited to: my closet, my shoes, my hair products and supplies, my towel rack, my bookshelf, my school schedule, my work schedule, my social life schedule (if I have anything to organize here, it’s a rare occasion actually) and so forth. You get the point- I am an organized person who is most likely going to want to organize the hell out of my classroom and syllabus and lessons plans and etc.

The website showed me some great graphic organizers! 🙂 I know I know….you might be saying, “wow, Devyn, it’s a graphic organizer. Get the hell over it.” But these graphic organizers can be a terrific first step in creating more interactive assignments that go beyond a piece of paper.

For example, a venn-diagram is one of the most commonly used organizers in the classroom. They can serve as an effective way of comparing and contrasting two concepts, but drawing two intertwining circles on blank pieces of paper can become absurdly mundane and boring for students. Instead of doing this, have students get up and MOVE!  Different parts of the classroom can be used to demonstrate the “circles and their overlapping.” Transparent circles could be put on desks and students could separate objects on top of them.

The possibilities are quite endless on how you can take graphic organizers to the next level, you juts have to let your mind take you to that creative place 😉



whoa, was that wink creepy? Don’t tell me if it was.



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