My friend was talking to me today…more like venting, about how god-aweful her teacher is for her lab that she has tonight. She would not stop complaining about how her teacher was the most monotoned teacher she has ever had…and how it is brutally awful to sit through her class for 3 hours. Now, I know how brutal it can be to sit through a class with the most non-interesting, non-engaging teacher there is on the planet. NOTHING is worse…literally nothing. And so it gave me the idea to talk about how to get students engaged in the classroom and excited about learning…rather than falling asleep and drooling on their desks. I know that in some of my classes that I have had, I loved it when the teacher made us act out scenes from plays. Now, I know that this can be extremely embarrassing, and actually looking back I really hated it. But now in college when we have all matured and understood that we are all here for the same reason and paying thousands of dollars to act out scenes from plays…I kinda enjoyed it. It is such a better change from the boring lecture halls in clark C that everyone hates to go to. Even at the college level I think that there are things that teachers can do besides power point slides and i-clickers to asses students knowledge. WAKE UP teachers and realize that although we are college students and can try and bare sitting in a lecture hall for 3 hours listening to your voice and following along to power point slides…that we are capable of being more interactive than that! I had a wonderful teacher here last semester who always got us engaged. We would have group activities, we would have to present personalized book reports that had everything NOT to do with writing a paper on it, and he would dress up in characters at least once every two weeks to keep our attention. Believe it or not, seeing your male teacher in a kilt is definitely an eye opener…but kept us engaged the entire class period. Another thing that I have realized works…even in a high school classroom believe it or not…is candy. I know that this sound so childish, but I shadowed my old english teacher from douglas county high school and she used candy and showed me how it works for student participation in all 4 levels that she taught. From freshman to seniors…every once in a while students love a little candy, and it motivates them to get correct answers and go up to the board to show examples of their knowledge and understanding. What are other ways that you guys think teachers can use in the classroom to get students to participate and be engaged in learning? Because from this video…I know that I will do whatever it takes to not have a classroom like that guy!!


One thought on “Monoooooooooooooo—tone

  1. First off, fantastic clip. That movie brings back so many memories…

    Secondly, I totally agree. I don’t know where people get this idea that simply speaking at students in a monotone voice will get them to learn anything. How can you expect the students to be excited about the material when you’re not even excited?

    On the other side, an enthusiastic approach makes a world of difference. For instance, my Shakespeare prof is fantastic. I thought I would hate that class but I actually enjoy it/ pay attention because of her attitude. I’m excited about Shakespeare because she’s excited about Shakespeare.

    I think as teachers we definitely need to keep this in mind.

    Anna B.

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