Someone please revoke Snoop’s voting privliges

With elections only week’s away undecided voters all across the country are scrambling to find the right choice for the future of our great country.  With debate season heating up undecided voters are given multiple reasons to choose one of the respective candidates; literally all you have to do is turn your TV to CNN and watch it for twenty minutes and it will provide you with thousands of components of each of the candidates plans for the future of America.  Okay I may be exaggerating a bit but you get the picture.  Being an out spoken republican, I already know who I am voting for but I didn’t just blindly stumble into this decision, I researched all over the web, watched the debate and made the choice that I believe best suited for the country.  Believe me, I’m not that ignorant, if I had liked what Obama had to say better I would be voting for him, and if you are voting for him I will respectfully disagree but at the same time say if that’s who you truly think is best than I will support your decision.  However, there is one stipulation, be able to support your decision with an intelligent argument.

Recently, one of America’s most well-known musical artists, Snoop Dogg, posted a picture on his twitter entitled “why I’m voting for Obama.  Like I said above, if you are voting for Obama that’s fine with me as long as you can support your decision with an intelligent and well thought out evidence.  Let me repeat, INTELLIGENT AND WELL THOUGHT OUT EVEIDENCE.  The Mr. Snoop Dogg (who’s picture I will not post here because of it’s inappropriate nature) did not provide any type of evidence that could be considered as remotely intelligent, in fact I am willing to bet that my two year old niece could support her standing as a voter better than snoop can.  Okay that was a little much but you get my point, nowhere in Snoop’s unintelligent babble did he contrast either sides plan for the country, in fact one of the reasons that he stated that he is not voting for Romney is because his first name is Mitt.  Yeah you read that right because his first name is Mitt.

Like I said, if he had provided intelligent reasons for his support of Obama, I would have been right behind him in his decision, but he didn’t.  Alright Snoop, if you want to vote for Obama because he plays basketball you shouldn’t be allowed to vote in the first place but please don’t post this on your twitter.  You have so many idiots who follow you on twitter and are now solely going to vote for Obama because you and him use the same hair clippers.  Seriously though, Obama should thank you for posting this, half of your followers are now going to blindly vote for him because of you.  If you want to read Snoop’s reasons behind voting just Google image search “why Snoop Dogg is voting for Obama” but be warned, he drops the N word and F bomb a couple times and your IQ will probably drop after you read it.


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