“Too many hands in education”

I thought I might mention something my recitation teacher shared with my class this past week. I know I have been using that class as my blog inspiration far too much, but this seemed kind of relevant to what we were discussing last class on Wednesday.

My teacher said, “Don’t quote me on this, but I personally feel as though there are too many hands in education.” 

She went on to explain that what she meant is that the government wants one thing from educators, and the state has another policy for teachers, and then the school district wants something else, and then the specific school has more stuff they want you to incorporate in the classroom.


And all of this really had me pondering the freewrite question we had yesterday…we want to do all of this cool shit and inspiring shenanigans for our students, BUT how much of it can really be used in the class if we have all of these guidelines we need to follow.

I suppose I am not too sure what Core Standards is going to do in the classroom, but it is what will be there when we begin teaching. How much freedom will we have with it?

It’s not a matter of what we want to do and only what we want to do. There are a lot of other factors involved and I think that should be recognized.

I need more information..I know because right now I kinda feel like this guy…


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