Types of schooling

Today there are so many diverse options that students have about how they want to go through their schooling.  No doubt, which ever option they choose students are going to learn a lot about the way the world works, but what are their options?  Which one is going to provide the best possible education for the individual student?  Well in today’s society there are four main options that a student has about going through grade school: a charter school, home school, private school, and public school.  Here is my opinion on all of them

1)      Charter school: A charter school is a fantastic option for students who already know what they want to do with their lives.  Whereas in a traditional high school students have a list of core classes that they have to pass to graduate, a charter school will have these classes too but they are more narrowed onto a specific career (i.e. theater).  So like I said, if a specific individual already knows what he or she wants to do with their life after they graduate than a charter school is a fantastic option, however it has its downsides.  The opportunities after graduation from one of these schools are very limited.  Pretty much the two options are to go into the work force or to further their education from their charter school by attending a higher institution for learning that is specific to whatever their charter school focused on.   If a student changes his mind on what he or she wants to do after graduation options are very limited.

2)      Home schooling: In my opinion this is the worst possible idea for a student to experience grade school.  I have very strong opinions about this so get ready.  What is one of the main points of grade school? Not only for students to get a basic education of everything that they will need after graduation but to teach them a very important part about life: social skills.  In home schooling, students stay at their respective house and are either taught by a tutor or one of their parents.  Their only classmates if they have any, are going to be very limited, which in most cases is just their siblings.  This is a fantastic idea if you want to shelter your children but we all know how most of these kids turn out.  They lack very important social skills that they are going to need later in life, and have very little chance for future success.  So like I said, it’s a fantastic way to shelter your kids but about 90% of the time it doesn’t work out in their favor.  It’s just a bad idea to begin with.

3)      Private School vs public school: Really these are the two best options for students to experience grade school.  They provide a traditional schooling experience with all the core class and will give students all they need to be successful in the real world, but both have their down sides.  Private schools are expensive, they are well worth it if you can afford them, however they are well out of reach for many middle class families.  In addition, they provide the same thing that many public schools provide so why waste the money when you can have the same experience for free.  Public schools also have a down side.  They are state funded, and while many of them provide an outstanding education, some are very underfunded with sub-par teachers; these schools will lack in some areas and can at times provide a terrible education for their students.  But like I said, these cases are far and few and nothing that hard-work and motivation cannot persevere through.  Either of these types of schools is a fantastic option for students.


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