Mr. Boogie

Went to see the midnight premiere of Sinister last night. Guess it’s kind of hard to focus on education when my mind is replaying this horror movie over and over again on some malicious mental tape. I will post a much more serious, educational-related post later today, but for now I’m going to vent about this movie and give my opinion.

Now, I’m quite critical about movies. Especially about horror movies–it takes a lot to impress me. It doesn’t take much to scare me–since I already have such a wicked imagination, whatever the movie doesn’t give my mind can so easily fill in the terrifying gaps…and do not underestimate the power of it as I lie awake at night conjuring up these images. However, the key to REALLY scaring me is realism, or at least making the supernatural believable. Sinister definitely did that for me. I have been more scared from a horror movie before–for example, when Paranormal Activity first came out in 2006, I literally spent two weeks after I saw it waking up in the middle of the night in cold sweats and screaming from nightmares. You never get to actually see the demon haunting that movie, and my mind did a terrifyingly terrific job on trying to answer that unknown. Sinister didn’t have THAT much of an effect on me. Yes, it was scary. Probably the best, and scariest, horror movie I’ve seen all year. But it was more disturbing than anything. I walked away from the movie theater sick to my stomach from the images that are forever burned into my memory.

Where Sinister really shined was not the acting, or the originality (some of that, but the “scary” moments were copied and influenced from Paranormal Activity, Friday the 13th, and the Shrine), but the plotline and the realism. It was supernatural–the whole idea–but it somehow made it very down to earth and kept it from becoming artificial. This realism is what truly terrifies people. I watched this movie with two other guys who are hard to scare and they walked away from it feeling uneasy at 2 in the morning. And I think Sinister prizes itself on the images of gruesome, gory murder. I say this with complete honesty: I have never seen more gruesome murder images in my life. Gruesome in the lingering effects of watching an entire family being hanged from a tree (not dropped, but slowly raised up, and watching them writhe and squirm hanging from their necks in a tree, agonizingly slow until they die). That is just the tip of the iceberg. For example, have you ever watched a little girl kill her whole family by running a lawnmower over them in the backyard, in full goddamn graphic detail? Ha, you will after you’ve seen this movie. The screams of dying victims are still echoing in my ears, and mostly this image keeps popping out at me when I least want it to:

Can you say hello to creepy? On the projector screen in the background…that’s Mr. Boogie…the eater of children. Let’s say hello to him, shall we?

All in all, Sinister wasn’t the BEST horror movie of all time, but certainly a credible one. It’s up there with Insidious and the Ring. If you are a horror movie nut like me, and love getting scared shitless near Halloween, then go see this movie. If you have a sensitive stomach, or are easily scared, avoid this movie at all costs–you won’t sleep at night, I guarantee it. This is just a forewarning to all: this movie is f***ed up! No, seriously, it is. The diabolical twists in this plotline make it absolutely thrilling…and nauseating.

Anyway, see you all in class! -Natalie

3 thoughts on “Mr. Boogie

  1. Kyle says:

    It was a very good movie, but comparing Insidious to this movie is a slap in the face to Sinister. Darth Maul Demon? No thank you. It’s like comparing Twilight to 30 Days of Night.

    • kreidern says:

      I’ll admit it, Insidious was um, how should we put it, completely unrealistic? Sure, though I’m searching for a slightly stronger word choice than that. However, I’m thinking along the scare factor, and it seemed Sinister and Insidious had the same sort of construct for invoking scare out of people–little children, mythological creatures, really bad acting…you get the idea. I did get scared from Insidious, as I did from Sinister, and they leveled out to be the same sort of terror. The QUALITY of the movies vary, as you very adequately put it in your Twilight/30 Days of Night reference 🙂 thanks for that, it made me laugh!

      • Kyle says:

        We’ll agree to disagree on scare factor. I personally think Sinister was one of the more scary movies that I have ever seen, and Indsidious was a lousy movie in my eyes. It could come to to the realistic value of the movies for me as well. I love scary movies though, which I think just comes from people liking to be scared. I found myself much more jumpy for this movie. The music definitely made this a creepy movie.

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