Pillow Talks

Warm ups. No I’m not talking about stretches, I’m talking about warming up a classroom. Warm ups are activities that help to start off a lesson and get the students going. Now as teachers there are probably thousands of different warm up ideas. Really, the possibilities are endless. I would like to share one potential warm up activity that I thought about today.

So today is Saturday. In case you aren’t aware, it’s rainy outside. We can all finally feel that last sliver of summer warmth finally leaving and we find ourselves slowly migrating to dens of blankets and hot coco. This is where I found myself today, curled up under a blanket watching a marathon of Twilight Zone episodes. Between episodes I thought to myself, what’s better than a blanket and some classic television? Watching it all inside of a pillow fort!

Mine wasn’t this cool, but you get the idea.

So what on earth does pillow forts have to do with warm ups? Well, for those of you who have ever built a pillow fort (if you haven’t you have no childhood) you know that there is extensive use of planning and also teamwork if there happens to be other builders with you. Building a fort also takes patience. There will almost always be a time where the fort collapses and you have to do major damage control. In short, building a fort isn’t always easy.

My thought process then is, fort building would be an awesome team building warm up plus it would get the kids excited. How could I incorporate this into a classroom?

I think that somehow bringing fort materials into the classroom then having the students build the forts in teams could have a lot of potential. Of course, I’m not sure exactly what lesson plan I could fit it into but I’m sure there’s something. It is my firm belief that pillow fort building is an untapped teaching resource that has TONS of potential. Sure the idea needs to be fine tuned quite a bit, but I’m willing to look into it.

Any suggestions and/or comments would be much appreciated,

Anna B.



About spiffybanana24

I'm just an English Education student learning to take things one day at a time.

One thought on “Pillow Talks

  1. heathercatherine23 says:

    Love it! Fort building will always be one of my favorite pastimes. I think this is a great idea for a warm up because it’s so fun and such a break away from typical classroom activities. I think it will help get the students’ blood flowing and help them be willing to actively participate throughout the class. I also think it is a great idea because it involves a lot of team work and good communication, planning, creativity, etc. Unfortunately, I cannot offer any suggestions just yet of how to tie it into a lesson plan, but I am determined to think of something, because I definitely want to use this in my classroom too!

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