Did I draw you in with that blog title? Sadly, my article has nothing to do with what i consider to be a wonderful, albeit two hit wonder, band. But here is a cool logo of theirs to tide you over:


what I actually am going to talk to you about is classroom managment… or lets just be fun and call it CLRM MGMT.

…or maybe not, that looks stupid.

if you’ve read some of my other blog posts, you’ll know that I have a baller teacher who uses a lot of techniques from a thing called Love and Logic. Love and logic is a way of bring empathy into the classrooms and then hope that students will get the hint that they are supposed to be empathetic all the time. love and logic is pretty nifty; it has a lot of ways that even by changing the way you phrase things, you can dump all the responsibility on a student without them realizing what you’ve done. one of my totes fave (ha. sorry.) love and logic techniques is somesing called “enforcible statements”

you basically pull a fast one on them– you use phrases like “in my classroom, i teach when all eyes are on me. when do i teach, jason?”

and poor little jason has no excuse because

a. he literally JUST heard the classroom rule and

b. he’s being singled out in a major way, and if he pretends not to know then he just looks stupid, and it acknowledges his behavior in a way that is much less redundant than teach going “focus class! class, focus! focus!”

enforceable statements are golden in that they, unlike unenforceable statements (quit arguing with me. turn your papers in on time. get to work) they have the instructions and limits IN THE STATEMENT. genius! you never tell the kid what to do, you tell them what YOU will do or YOU will allow. you are in control.

here are some more little phrases that you can use that totally turn the way you manage a classroom into a well oiled learning machine (i’ve seen it done, and when it’s done well, the outcome is awesome.)

* I grade papers with first and last names.
* I listen to students who raise their hands.
* I will begin to teach when all pencils are down and all eyes are on me.
* I will listen when your voice is calm.
* I like you regardless of how well or poorly you do in my class. Come see me if you don’t want a failing grade.

BOOM! Now you know a snippet of enforceable statements. And now I leave you with an enforceable statement of my own:

“I WILL respect you as a person if you watch this video.”


Watch this, and imagine they are rejoicing over how well Enforceable Statements really do work…


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