Bullying ‘sticks’

A picture I took. To me it signifies that words people call you, or things you do, stick to you. Stop bullying. Stop hurting yourself. Peel those words from your skin because underneath you are pure and have a fresh start.

Stop Bullying.

What are some ways we can stop bullying in schools?

Happy Commenting,

Tealana Ronn


About tealanaronn

I am Tealana Ronn. I love writing, baking, Christmas, movies, poetry. I am obsessed with Matthew Gray Gubler, Transformers, Lady Gaga, and Sons of Anarchy. I love living, and helping others!

One thought on “Bullying ‘sticks’

  1. margotgirerd says:

    Hey Tealana!
    I love this photograph that you took of yourself. I remember that Seventeen Magazine used to do very similar art projects for articles on various difficult subjects. I love the message of “peeling off” the mean things that people say to you because you can, you don’t have to keep those things on you and if we don’t pay attention to our sticky notes, they eventually fall off too. Thanks for being brave and sharing the picture that you did. It was insightful and inspiring!

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