Bossy Bossy

I started a new job as a tutor for Boltz middle school and part of my job is to grade students notes and planners. They take cornell notes and for those of you who don’t know what cornell notes are, here is a picture… the measurements aren’t enforced because thats silly, but the rest is pretty much the same. Image

I guess part of me feels like it’s a great idea because it helps students stay organized and keep their  thoughts together and in order. Then I also feel like it’s wrong to tell kids how to take notes because we feel it’s what will be best for them… don’t all kids learn differently? Im for it, but i’m also against it. A students complained to me today (AFTER getting an “a” on her notes) telling me how much she hates the forced way of notes. Yeah, she knows how to do it she said, but she feels like she really doesn’t learn much, she just knows what the teachers are looking for. So i guess thats her fault… but still. I just don’t think its the best way. What do you guys think? Will you have a set way for your students to take notes??


One thought on “Bossy Bossy

  1. devymon says:

    Shelby! Okay soooo I am pretty against Cornell Notes, BUT I can see how they would be effective for students IF they are incorporated early enough and often enough.
    My recitation teacher in EDUC 340 was telling my class and I how effective using Cornell notes was in her classroom as she spaced out each part of the notes per day.
    For example, she had her students take notes on nouns one day, and the next day had them write questions for the notes and review them and then the next day did a similar process with pronouns and so on. She mentioned that this was effective for her class because they did phenomenally on her test.

    However, I do agree that we cannot have a set way of taking notes for students and only let them use that set way. It would teach a great amount of discipline if we required them to do that, BUT not all students are going to learn best that way.

    I think what I want to stress is a variety of ways to take notes because they should know about each way (to make them well-rounded) and this might help them figure out what way works best for them.

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