Hot for Teacher

It was my senior year of high school and we had just gotten a student teacher for my orchestra class. He was 22, full of energy and (to my 17 year old mind) was the new hottest thing in school. Yes, I was hot for teacher. While I never did act on my feelings, it got me thinking about those who will. Its become a joke anymore. A student daydreams about his blonde, big boobed teacher who wears ridiculously tight clothing (if you’re blonde and big boobed please think twice before putting on that shirt). This idea of the “hot teacher” is used so frequently in television shows and movies it has become cliché. For example…

Enjoy the intense 80’s hair…

This issue of students being attracted to their teachers is a touchy one. After all it brings up issues of student-teacher relationships and what’s appropriate. However, I’d prefer to not go down that particular rabbit hole and instead focus on what we are going to do, as teacher, if or when that situation arises. How do we deal with a student who attempts to pursue us romantically?

There are tons of stories surrounding this: teachers who are asked to prom, asked on a date, or even told by a student that they are “hot”. How do we deal with that? Do we not bring attention to the situation and move forward? Do we discuss with that student what’s appropriate? Do you bring the situation to your boss’s attention?

Here’s my opinion:

To me, it depends on the level of attention the student is giving me. From what I’ve observed, most often a student will say these sorts of things to you to cause a reaction. There isn’t really any emotion behind it, just a desire to see what you would do. In this sort of situation, I would probably ignore it. Like dealing with a child who uses bad behavior to get attention, you just move on.

However, there might always be that instance where a student is serious. For some students, you may be the only adult (or the only person) who supports them. There is a very real possibility that they could turn that attachment into a romantic interest. What would you do? You don’t want to hurt the kid’s feelings, but as we all know any sort of serious romantic attachment to teachers from students has very very serious undertones and even consequences for that teacher. Despite whether or not the teacher reciprocates, this sort of situation can potentially damage their careers. The community watches us very closely.

I know that this sort of thing is probably a once in a lifetime situation, but the serious consequences make this an issue that needs to be brought to light and thought about. So just take a moment and think to yourself; what would I do?

Comments much appreciated,

Anna B.

And here’s a Police video on the topic for your viewing pleasure….


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