My Comic Strip/Genre Paper #2

I’ve decided to do a comic strip for my second genre paper.  I’ve titled it RE-Education, I’ll be making fun of standardized testing and other things education related.  You all can check it out here.  Hope you all enjoy it as much as I have fun making them.  Any feedback is welcomed, as I think there is a place to post this stuff.  It’s free, so feel free to make your own, it’s really fun.  I already have my first one up, tell me what you think.

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3 thoughts on “My Comic Strip/Genre Paper #2

  1. Those were both really funny! I think you did a good job, both creating an online comic and poking fun at standardized testing. I’d love to see you make some more 🙂

  2. fbleam says:

    hahahah yay those look great! I think they turned out fabulous! I like the first one the best 🙂 You should really get one of them in the newspaper too!


  3. bonnetnicholas says:

    I wish I could come up with some constructive criticism, but…I can’t. I thought they were hilarious! I hope you make several more.


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