So this is a song I love and the music video is so artsy and wonderful! Although at times it may feel like an Ugg advertisement… I love the wild child feeling, the Wild Things feel. It brings me back to my childhood of pretending I was a lost girl living in the forest alone with my dog, but that’s an entirely different story!


Anyways, my challenge for you is to create a lesson around this music video! I think Youtube is an awesome tool for the classroom and music is something that almost everyone likes! Music videos aren’t only a cool art form, but can be really educational and thought provoking. So how could you incorporate this video into a lesson?


Here are some thoughts:


-Make students create a prequel to this video that would explain why the children are living in the forest, why they are dressed like they are, why there are two different ‘tribes’ that dislike each other, etc.


-Make students do the same as above, but this time a sequel describing what happened afterward. Did their parents come to get them? Which tribe won? Make a prediction.


-Have students summarize what they saw and add details to the things left “unsaid”


-Ask students how the context of the song (the meaning of the lyrics) relates to the music video. Why did the videographer decide to make it this way?


See what you can come up with! Or try another music video! They are addicting! You can pretty much make a lesson out of anything! Being a teacher is awesome!


Paper Kites


One thought on “Paper Kites

  1. kszejna says:

    I really love your idea here, I also like how it kind of relates to your genre paper. 😉 What I think would have made this blog a little stronger is maybe doing an example of one of the ideas that you give for us to try. I think that incorporating music in the classroom is such a great idea!

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