The shocking truth about public schools

Let me make this perfectly clear, I absolutely do not agree with almost 99% of what the guy in this video says, I don’t think any of us in co-301d would. Of course he alludes to certain qualities of our society that are problematic, but he seems to think that these problems are created and bred through public schools alone. The lack of creativity, abuse of authority, fear of taking risk, and the many other problems that our society faces today are apparent and need to be changed; This is obvious and apparent. What is not obvious is Robert Wanek’s proposition that public schools are the evil and malicious centers that breed individuals to become docile and submissive drones.

My biggest issue with this video is Wanek’s theory that schools are malicious because of the confusing material that they teach that doesn’t even apply to our everyday lives. While stating this the video shows a picture of confusing algorithms and equations to show just how confusing the material can be. So what i draw form this proposition is that schools shouldn’t teach things that the masses don’t understand. Lets cut math programs, because i don’t like them and they’re hard. Biology class? I don’t think so, because photosynthesis is weird, and plants are dumb. I’m confused and ashamed of Wanek’s revolutionary idea. If public schools only taught material that was simple and “applicable” to everyday life, we would be stuck in the days where the only math we’d know would be how many bushels of corn we need to sell at the market to make a profit. We would be stuck in an age of ignorance and stupidity where people would not have the mental capacity capable of creating progress for the human race. 

Surprisingly, there were a couple points made in the video that contain grains of truth. I do believe that the idea that money=success is ingrained in our society to the point where people are afraid to pursue their true passions, which helps to create a submissive and docile society focused on consumerism. This is an issue, as Wanek points out, but public schools are not the source. There are many different factors that make this issue so prevalent, but i believe that public schools hold the key to erasing this problem and to encouraging creativity among the masses. Wanek doesn’t agree.

Throughout the video Wanek speaks of public schools as a singular being. Public schools are the source of the problem: Public schools abuse authority; Public schools create and breed “big brother societies. What Wanek does understand is that public schools are comprised of individuals, and the individuals are  the ones that have the most direct influence on students. The picture that Wanek paints describes the PUBLIC SCHOOL as a single monstrous entity, with teachers and other individuals as the fingers that carry out the monster robot’s orders. Although there are systems and standards that teachers and administrators adhere to, they remain individuals. These individuals have the capacity to personally influence students live in an extremely positive way. From what i have seen in my education classes, in the middle schools i’ve observed, and in the public schools that i attended, these individuals are not abusive self-satisfying dictators. I believe that the majority of teachers are in the job for the student, which does not mean that they are in it to create a “consumer model” student, or a mindless drone, but an individual who is able to pursue their passion and help contribute to the greater good of humanity.

Wanek offers no solution to his preposterous claims, and ignorantly believes that public schools are malicious in their intent and in their processes. He is incorrect in almost every way, and i hope that as a teacher i will be able help disband the ridiculous, damaging, and fearful theories that Wanek proposes.   

The Truth About Public Schools?


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