No No’s

So, I read this article, and I felt the need to write about it. Its kind of about classroom management and what to do and what not to do in the classroom. I don’t really know if I agree with everything in the article but check it out HERE. Anyways, so about classroom management. I am pretty terrified. I feel like my experience in 340 and 350 has been amazing and my management seems to be pretty well. But I think that it is because there is still a permanent teacher in the room. I am not sure what to do sometimes or how to handle some of the students and their behaviors at times. I agree with the article in how you should never back a student into a corner. 1. that is just plain creepy 2. that can get you into some trouble and put you into some situations that you don’t really want to deal with 3. its not very nice. I am not saying that you should always be a nice and perfect sunshiney teacher, but I am also saying that you shouldn’t ever embarrass a student, or neglect a student no matter how bad the behavior. Thats simply in my opinion. But what I did take from the article, is that you cannot take anything that these adolescents say to you personally. I am the person who does sometimes let my emotions get the best of my and get my feelings hurt at times. I don’t usually act upon them, but never the less my feelings do get hurt. I think as teachers we need to learn how to build up a student wall as far as not taking things personally. I don’t think that we will every be successful in the classroom if we cry, or show emotions towards mean and negative comments that a student says to you. As teachers I think that we would benefit from learning more classroom management skills. Something important to utilize are your fellow co-workers. See who else has that particular student in class, and figure out what is working for them. I know that classroom management is going to be a struggle for all of us at times, but utilizing everything that we can is extremely important, and I think the most important thing thing that I took from this article…is never …. ever take anything your students say to hurt your feelings, distract from class..personal!


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