After watching Linda’s video on the importance of teachers making their students feel confident in the classroom, it made me start thinking about times when my own teachers did that for me. Unfortunately, however, I could not recall this happening through my entire high school career, and even through middle/elementary school. The one time this happened that I can actually recall was two semesters ago when I was taking an education course from Jan Seahorne. Jan was always super energetic, and just exciting to learn from. She was confident, hilarious, loud, and creative. One day after class, we got to talking. I was telling her about how much I loved the course, and how much I enjoyed my time with my recitation students, but that sometimes I still had concerns and doubts about being a teacher since I am so introverted. She then went on to tell me about how she was the exact same way. Naturally, I was shocked when she told me this because she always seemed the exact opposite. She told me that when she’s not in the classroom, she’s a lot more reserved, and then when she gets in front of her students, that other side of her starts to come out. She went on to talk about how the relationship one has with their students can bring out different personality traits, and then just kept on encouraging me in what I was doing. She talked to me about what I personally had to offer, and what a good student I was. That talk from her made me feel so much better, and really did instill a sense of confidence and pride in myself.

I agree with Linda that as teachers, it is such an important thing for us to constantly build up our students’ confidence because we really do play a big role in their lives, and will have a huge impact on the people they become. Pointing out our students’ strengths, showing them what they have to offer, and helping them feel a sense of pride in themselves is what we are there for.


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