Here is my summary of the article we read for today’s discussion:

Fall, Alcohol, Childhood, Halloween Costumes, Money, Biases, Trashcans, Toilet Bowls, and Frightening Bathrooms

Everyone takes instagram pictures of leaves and writes about fall on facebook and twitter – its soo lame – but I do it too. Hashtaaaaags!

I watch a lot of horror films and get scared in public bathrooms.

So – you should trust me when I say that girls love to be slutty on Halloween.  College kids spend $8 billion dollars on slutty costumes and alcohol. We all throw up on Halloween. We all party our eyeballs out all week.

By the way – don’t drink and drive.

What we really should be doing is trying to fit back into our childhood Halloween costumes.  Clean out your trashcans and give candy to kids.

I hate people who don’t celebrate.


While this op-ed is more or less bipolar, I personally think this style of writing and overall content was intended to make college students either a) laugh or b) self-identify and laugh. It was to the groups of slutty dressers on Halloween – making them think the bigger picture of Halloween as a holiday and encouraging them to make safe decisions. To the college guys who look forward to seeing those slutty girls on Halloween. Or maybe this piece didn’t even have a goal. Perhaps the author wanted to write about all aspects of fall and Halloween, but only had one article to do so. If Lauren heard what we had to say in class today, she might always think twice about the type (and content) of writing she is presenting.


About Emma Steward

Coloradoan, yogi, future educator, vegetarian, nature lover, fine wine connoisseur of fine wines (Five truths and lie, or is it two...)

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  1. fbleam says:

    You literally made me laugh out loud when I read this because it was my exact thoughts! I am really embarrassed for her because her last minute fifteen minute article about Halloween resulted in our forty-five minute beneficial critique on what not to do. Great response!


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