5 Very Helpful Blogging/Internet/Random Tips

So I have picked up some nifty tricks for different computer based assignments, and I wanted to share them all with you. Hopefully it will save you some time and hassle. 

1. Tiny URL:  Sometimes, you need to make a reference to a website’s URL when citing information, but the URL is way too long. Tiny URL is a free site that will shorten your URL and make it more manageable. Find it here

2. Moving Pictures In Microsoft Word: Sometimes you have to throw in a picture of something when writing in a word document. You try to move it where you want it to go, but it gives you the middle finger and splits up all your text whenever you try to move it. Well here’s how to prevent that. Paste the picture onto word, then click on it. At the top of Word, click on the “Picture Tools” tab. Once that’s open, go to the “Text Wrapping” button on the right-hand side of the screen. Click it, and then click “In Front Of Text” in the options menu. MAGIC! You can now move your picture wherever the puck you please. 



3. Starting a Youtube Video at a Specific Point: This one is going to be really useful for you in your classes. If you want to post a Youtube video in a PowerPoint, but only want to see a specific part of the video, then this is how you do it–> Just add this tag to the end of the link “#t=1m20s” where “m” = the minutes and “s” = the seconds. For example, here’s my documentary that you should watch (at least this part): 


4. Getting Payback on Your Roommates: Ever get pissed off at your flatmates and tired of saying this?

george takei calling you a douchebag

Why not mess with them? Simply go onto their computer when they aren’t around and press “Control + Alt +Down Arrow”. The screen is now flipped upside down. That will make ’em think twice when they throw a party and don’t clean up for days afterwards! Not that that’s happened to me…


5. Screenshots: Many of you probably know how to do this, but it’s still a useful skill to know. Simply press “PrtSc” on your keyboard (usually on the upper right-hand side), then go into paint, Word, PowerPoint, etc. and press “Ctrl V”. BOOM! You have a picture of your desktop ready to share with the world. 

Hope that helps some of you! 

~Nick B. 



2 thoughts on “5 Very Helpful Blogging/Internet/Random Tips

  1. goodbyemiss says:

    I am definitely going to find the youtube tip helpful. Thanks!

  2. ESteward747 says:

    Great information, Nick! This is really helpful and shows things that I didn’t even know existed. Thanks for sharing your tech-savvyness

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