Big Brother Little Brother Foundation

So earlier today I was watching a collection of Saturday Night Live commercial sketches and I came to this conclusion: this is the best show ever.  I mean where else can you see Sean Connery make thousands of innuendos about Will Farrell’s mother, that girl from Brides Maids sing about Sasquatch, and Chis Farrley screaming “Da Bears” all in a matter of about five minutes.  Nowhere, that’s what I thought, so stop saying otherwise.  Anyways amidst all the hysterical commercial parodies there were two that made me laugh so hard that I was rolling on the ground in tears after.  Have you all seen those NFL play 60 commercials?  Well if you haven’t they are pretty much depict NFL players throwing footballs around with children in an attempt to promote children to have positive role models and exercise on a regular basis.  This snl skit is a parody of those, and the best part is both skits are with Payton and Eli Manning.  

In the oldest of the Manning brothers snl skit, Payton is pretty much doing the exact opposite of what a good role model should, attempting to steal cars, hurling footballs at small children, and even making one of the kids get a tattoo of his face on their shoulder.  But even better is Eli’s, entitled the Big Brother Little Brother Foundation, in which Eli picks on children who bully their little brothers.  Apart from giving me a seizure of hysterical laughter it really made me think about what we were talking about in class the other week with bullies in the classroom.  As the SNL skits make a parody of, it is really important for us as teachers to be role models for our students.  We need to treat every single one of our students as an equal and celebrate their differences and our students will follow suit.  In addition bullying needs to be stop as soon as it is spotted, if it’s not it’ll escalate and continue to hurt the victims.  I have personally be on both sides of the spectrum, it is not fun for the people it hurts and it’s a terrible way to make someone feel better about themselves.  Anyways here I couldn’t find the Payton skit but here is Eli’s SNL anti-bullying skit.  Watch it!


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