Education Legislation in a Nut Shell

Education Legislation in a Nut Shell

This is a screen shot of the main components of my recent genre project, although it is not quite the same as the one that i turned in (this is more of a first draft) it gives you the main idea of the ideas that my genre paper focused on. I have to say that i didn’t have any where near as much fun making this project as i di the last one, but that is completely due to a lack of motivation on my part. I do feel that a list like this can be extremely helpful and i do wish that there were more websites or posters that presented this information in this way, but i still didn’t really have a great time creating it. I’m hoping that my next project will bring me back to the creativity of my first, and i’m also hoping that i can find a topic that is more appealing than the nominees secondary education legislation. Knowing the nominee’s policies and developing our own opinions on them are extremely important, which is why i chose a project that hopefully presented some of the information in an unbiased and helpful way. I hope that this project can help individuals further develop their opinions on each of the candidates.


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Senior english major at Colostate University. Publishing, self-publishing, e-books, OCR corrections, reading, lit analysis etc.

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